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Meera J Pillai started her career with Deccan Chronicle, Chennai, as their Chief sub editor and reporter, a role she handled for three years. Her tryst with Radio (Chennai Live) lasted a year, as Head of Programing. After four years in the media, she moved to MJ Enterprises, Kochi, a family-owned HR and Facilities Management Company. Now, she is the Deputy Editor of Culturama magazine. In between being a parent and managing her work, Meera has found the time to create another world of her own. 

1. Who and what inspired you to write? 
I loved reading growing up and writing came naturally to me. As a journalist, my opportunities to explore my creative side was minimal. Maya and the Sword of Gringak was born out all the made-up stories I told my son and my nieces. I felt there is a story waiting to be told and decided to write it down. 
2. What challenges did you face while writing and getting published?
Since it is my first book and a fiction too, I had a lot of learning and unlearning to do. As a journalist you are taught to keep your writing simple and short, as an author, it is the opposite. After finishing the manuscript when I approached The Book Bakers, I was still uncertain about the world of publishing, but with Suhail Mathur’s guidance, Maya and the Sword of Gringak is now a part of the world through Locksley Hall Publishers. 
3. How did you come to know about the literary agency THE BOOK BAKERS?  
MR. WV Raman, the legendary cricketer and also an author himself, introduced me to Mr Suhail Mathur. 
4. How did THE BOOK BAKERS help you and what would you like to say about them ? 
From day one, The Book Bakers have been greatly approachable, which as a first time writer is an absolute boon. Suhail has been hands on with everything and has guided me through all the decisions. It was more of a partnership. 
5. How supportive is your publisher of your work?
One of the best things about Locksley Hall Publishing is the respect they show for their writer’s work. They have been appreciative and have given me complete freedom to work around my story. 
6. How do you see literary success for yourself?
Teenage is where most children grow into proper readers, as did I. So growing up my favourite authors are from the Young Adult genre. For me writing for this genre comes easy and I hope, like how my favourite authors inspired me through many a moments in my life, my book will inspire someone else. 
7. When can we expect your next book?
The next book will be the second part of The Maya and The Sword of Gringak, which is a 3-part series. Hopefully the book will be done in 2022. 
8. How has your experience been working with Locksley Hall Publishing ? 
It has been brilliant. Their approach is simple and to the point, making it easier for upcoming authors like me. They have also been greatly accessible and welcoming to upcoming writers like me.
9. Any message or tips for aspiring authors?
Just keep writing and working on your skills. Every little effort counts. 



Maya is the average teenager, with simple aspirations of any 16-year-old. All she’s looking forward is her dream date with Dhruv, the boy she’s had a yearlong crush on. As she heads home from the date, events set into motion that changes her very existence. Secrets from the past will be revealed. She discovers that she is not who she thought she was; what’s more, she must prepare to embrace a destiny that will make her the saviour of Earth. But, is she really up for the task? Will she find the mighty sword? Will she be able to see herself as the true champion?


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