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“Life is a journey with work always in progress leading to personal growth on spiritual & non-spiritual planes.” 

Author of 25 Essential to Happy Living, Preeti Pathak’s book was launched at Pune International Literary Festival in September, 2017. Writer and Life Enricher, Preeti’s writing encourages and inspires her readers to be happy in all life situation.
Confidence, love, faith, compassion and belief in own self are the fundamentals to understand own attitudes, emotions and their impact on own physical, mental and emotional health. An avid reader with a passion for writing, Preeti’s purpose in life is to seek freedom and help others find theirs through her writings and workshops.

Preeti conducts workshop for youth and adults to facilitate Regrow, Regenerate and Realign life for a happy and anxious free living. Her workshop operates on 4 pillars namely Awareness, Acceptance, Action-Plan and Amelioration. 

Through experiential workshops she draws light on well-being by practice Meditation, Yoga and Healing.
“Freedom is but a state of mind. All problems originate from us and their solutions also lie within us.”
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1. Who and what inspired you to write?

Journey on the path of self- realization several years ago inspired me to write to help as many souls through my book to align and live a happy life in today’s dynamic and fast moving golden era. My guru Sri Sri Paramhansa Yogananda has been my inspiration to write,
“25 Essentials to Happy Living” .

2. What challenges did you face while writing and getting published?

Writing was not as challenging as getting the right publisher to publish my book was. I was in tune and connected with the inspiration that kept coming to my mind even though I was occupied with different tasks. I was never in a state of switch on or switch off mode between work and writing. My mind was constantly working on the contend through experiences as well.

3.  How did you come to know about the literary agency THE BOOK  BAKERS?  

I was connected to Suhail Mathur, The Book Bakers by Saurabh Kumar to whom I was connected by my uncle.

4. How did THE BOOK BAKERS help you and what would you like to say about them ?

The Book Bakers are my literary agents.Suhail Mathur is persistent, focussed and very optimistic. He is aware what sells and what does not. The journey with TBB started in August 2016 and we found our publisher in the following year. Through his business acumen and professional confidence Suhail kept working on my manuscript keeping me in the loop. We worked hand in glove. Suhail gave me insights on essentially required documents to be shared with the publishers. The Book Bakers are very prompt and responsible agent. Suhail is sharp sighted, knowledgeable and extremely creative. The Book Bakers also designed my book cover which is magnetic.

5. How do you see literary success for yourself?

My core area of writing is in the body, mind and soul genre. With today’s on setting dwapara  yuga, people are constantly on the lookout for books that will help them heal and improve their life and lifestyle. Persistence with Patience has always been my mantra and with that flame holding bright I see promising success for my work.

6. When can we expect your next book?

  Very soon.

7. Any message or tips for aspiring authors?

Enjoy the journey and every moment as you write and do research for your manuscript. It is these moments that will weave a beautiful tapestry of your journey as an author. Keep the faith and stay calm. Faith in your work, in yourself and the people who work with you to publish your book. Faith is assuring. It is the plinth of many successes in the journey of life.

BOOK NAME: 25 Essentials To Happy Living


Have you ever experienced or explored true happiness? Have you ever felt hesitant to share or express your happiness with others? Have you felt anxious and torn apart within yourself or with others without reason? Are you looking for peace, positivity and purpose?
If yes, “25 Essentials to Happy Living” will enable you to explore true happiness and how to achieve it! It touches upon a basket of emotions and attitudes present in our heart and mind. With Preeti Pathak’s effective guidance and experiences, you will be able to truly comprehend positivity, emotions and a de-stressed life. A check point for you to pause, reflect and even change all that is harmful to you and your loved ones.
Read ahead, to let this book shine the light within you for a contended and beatific life.

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